Thursday, September 29, 2005

I should have stayed home on Cindy Sheehan

I should have stayed home posts on a Iraqi's response to his condolences on the deaths of his brother and two nephews.
I Should Have Stayed Home...: "His reply blew my mind:

'Allahu Akbar' - God is Great - 'We all die. I am so happy that my brother and my nephews died in the name of freedom. There is no greater honor.'

What do you say to a man like that? What does Cindy say to a man like that? Yes, there are myriads of problems with our efforts in Iraq. But we now have partners - friends - out there who are losing their families to terrorism, and whose reaction is only to thank God that they died for freedom and not for tyranny. To abandon these people would be unthinkable.

I know that for every Hayder there are thousands of Iraqis who curse both houses, or who curse America. But I cannot abandon the Hayders of Iraq. It's a patronizing comparison, but I think of Iraq like a child rescued by social services from an abusive home, but then dumped in the South Bronx and left to fend for himself. Job done? Work complete?

Not while I still have a conscience."
Part of Bush's strategy to fight Islamic Terrorism was to gain allies among liberal and moderate Muslims. We can't in good conscience abandon those allies in the middle of the fight.

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