Friday, September 02, 2005

Australia's Sate Emergency Service

A comment to this post on Metroblogging New Orleans listing people who have opened their homes to refugees. Comments bring out some of the worst in bloggers. Read some of the others here, but this one was excellant comment on Australia's response after flooding in the city of Brisbane.
After a devastating flood 30 years ago in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia it was noted that the community formed local teams to aid others less fortunate on their own initiative and while effective they often lacked the necessary skills, equipment and coordination during and after the event.

Many people desperate to help out were left wondering in the streets.

In response to that crises the SES (Sate Emergency Service) was formed to provide community volunteers across the nation with the skills, equipment and planning to coordinate a (community) response to any major disaster and has worked exceptionally well ever since.

Many of the problems Brisbane faced then seem to be happening in New Orleans right now and I was surprised to learn that a simular organisation doesn’t exist in the U.S.

State Emergency Service

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