Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why we fight #1: war between truth and falsehood

from inteview with Iraqi Politician Iyad Jamal Al-Din
"I believe my freedom as a Shi'ite and as a religious person will never be complete unless I preserve the freedom of the Sunni, the Christian, the Jew, the Sabai, or the Yazidi. We will not be able to preserve the freedom of the mosque unless we preserve the freedom of entertainment clubs.
"What is happening in Iraq is a real massacre and a real war between truth and falsehood, between a democratic government which relies on the public, and the remnants of the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Ottoman tyranny. Iraq will be a graveyard for them and for those behind them.

"The Terrified and Self-Defeated Arab States, Who Fear the Establishment of a Democratic Regime in Iraq, Would Prefer a … Dictator Like Saddam"

"The terrified and self-defeated Arab states, who fear the establishment of a democratic regime in Iraq, would prefer a stupid and reckless dictator like Saddam to a democratic regime in Iraq, because the epidemic of democracy and the winds of freedom will reach them, whether they like it or not.


Kankakee Voice said...

I kept getting confused, were you talking about Iraq or King George and America?

Bill Baar said...

King George or America? I'm a Unitarian Universalist Kankakee. I believe Iyad Jamal Al-Din speaks of universal, inalienable rights due all people.