Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Nanking

My Uncle was one of the first Americans in Nagasaki after the war. He was on a minesweeper that cleaned out the harbor.

The Japanese Army decided to rape Nanking in 1937-38 to harden their conscript Army to brutality.

It worked.

The Japanese Government has yet to say their Army's decision to rape Nanking was a crime.

The Japanese Gov decided to refuse unconditional surrender in 1945.

We talk about our decision to bomb the Japanese every August but the war and its consequences were all about the Japanese decisions.

Decisions Japanese still can't acknowledge their decisions.

Hiromshima and Nagasaki (not to mention the fire bombings) were a holocaust the Japanese regime brought upon the Japanese people. They decided thier fate; not Truman or the United States.

I have no regrets what my forefathers did, and think those today who think they can slaughter people without consequence should be aware.

Guess it shows I get a little rankled this time of year with the a-bomb talk. I'm certain Chinese and Korean TV don't run shows like I've witnessed the past few days.

We've forgotten Nanking but they haven't.

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