Thursday, August 18, 2005

DJWinfo: Gaza Strip withdrawal best news out of Israel in a long time

DJWinfo said,:
"You've got to believe that the Palestinians are grateful for the withdrawal and that support for the terror campaign against Israel has got to dry up with moves like this. Congratulations to Sharon."
Don't bet your security on people gratful for concessions. Natan Schransky got it right on his analysis of what went wrong with Oslo accords,
And if we learn some lesson from the past, from the so-called Oslo peace process, it is that you cannot build peace process on support of a dictatorship. You cannot hope that strong dictator like Yasser Arafat will fight, and I quote, he will fight the Hamas, the terrorists without restrictions of democracy better than we can do. That was a mistake.

Today we have to embrace new leadership, only as this new leadership embraces democratic reforms. Is there a chance for this? Yes. But we in the free world have to be very firm in this linkage.
The US and the west foolishly financed Arafat afte Oslo with the hope he would suppress terrorism and he turned it right around against Israel with more terror attacks, and resurrected the worst it hateful anti semtic speech the world has seen since Hitler which is seeping into our own politcal debate.

All bascially with US funding at the tune of $85 million a year into accounts under Arafat's personal control. We financed a gangster statlet in the territories and it's foolish to think gangsters will be grateful for anything. This withdrawel only makes sense if it's coupled with Democracy for Arabs. That's the Arab world's best hope.

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