Sunday, August 28, 2005

Democracy is finished in Britan, and probably in America too.

From yahoo's Rumsfeld group,

In this context I have been doing research on John Gilbert Winant,
who was US Ambassador to the UK 1941 to 1945. He was replaced by FDR in a huff because the Pres was not happy with Ambassador Joe Kennedy making just those very kinds of demoralising remarks. Joe Kennedy was thought to be less than enthusiastic about tackling the Hitler threat. What is even more interesting is that Winant was a
Republican, but FDR trusted and admired him. He had been greatly influential in pressing GOP congreeemen to pass the Social Security Bill.

FDR was right to appoint Winant and replace Kennedy; Winant was greatly loved by the British people, went down into the bomb shelters with ordinary Londoners instead of going to the US Embassy shelter (reminds me of brave Rummy on 9/11) , refused to eat the luxury foods sent over to the Embassy but distributed them and himself ate the same rations as Londoners etc etc. He was given an honour in Scotland ,and to this day, 'Winants' (a group of American youngsters) come over to the UK to volunteer for good causes in his name. A long-winded way of thanking Rummy for bringing up that tidbit about Kennedy Senior.


AND YOUR FATHER, TOO [Jonah Goldberg]

From a reader:

At yesterday's Pentagon press conference, Secretary Rumsfeld was commenting on all the doom and gloom about the Iraqi constitution, and he observed how there are always naysayers who see defeat around every corner. He said something like, "At the height of World War II, a prominent American diplomat predicted that 'democracy is
finished in Britan, and probably in America too.'"

That "prominent America diplomat," of course was Joseph Kennedy. Isn't that just about the most delightful statement to come out of A press conference in the last six months? Somebody go down to the bar and tell Teddy: "Rumsfeld just slapped down you and your old man in the same breath."

It truly is fun to watch a master at work.

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