Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Belmont Club: Stephen Vincent

Belmont Club's post on death of blogger and free lance reporter Stephen Vincent who was murdered in Basra. Wretchard quotes Vincent's interview with Frontpage.

The Belmont Club: Stephen Vincent:

"I stood that morning on the roof of my building in lower Manhattan and watched United Airlines Flight 175 strike the south tower of the World Trade Center," Vincent said in a December 2004 interview with Frontpage Magazine. "At that moment, I realized my country was at war -- because of the 1993 attack on the Trade Center, I figured our enemy was Islamic terrorism -- and I wanted to do my part in the conflict. I'm too old to enlist in the armed services, so I decided to put my writing talents to use."

"'Words matter. Words convey moral clarity. Without moral clarity, we will not succeed in Iraq. That is why the terms the press uses to cover this conflict are so vital. For example, take the word “guerillas.” As you noted, mainstream media sources like the New York Times often use the terms “insurgents” or “guerillas” to describe the Sunni Triangle gunmen, as if these murderous thugs represented a traditional national liberation movement. But when the Times reports on similar groups of masked reactionary killers operating in Latin American countries, they utilize the phrase “paramilitary death squads.” Same murderers, different designations.'"


Anonymous said...

Learned a lot here. Thanks for the info:-)

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Howard said...

May you rest in peace Mr Vincent..

Kankakee Voice said...

Interesting point made by Vincent, even though I disagree with him. I think you may find it interesting that my congressman, Jerry "worthless" Weller is married to a leader of the FRG party - a political party with a history linked directly to “paramilitary death squads.”