Saturday, July 02, 2005

WLS interview with Lt Gov Pat Quinn this AM: chat about Iraq, but please no Dick Durbin

West Side agent told me she heard Lt Gov Pat Quinn interviewed on WLS early this AM. Quinn was talking about his visit to Iraq (good for him!) and the incredible heat over there. Then they took a call over the internet from an American contractor working in Iraq delivering ice to US troops.

Quinn had mentioned the temps get as high as 140 F and asked the caller what it was now. The guy replied a balmy 120 F. He went on to describe the conveys he travels in, how terrorists lay IEDs, and how they're really not sucide bombers because they find these fellows chained to the wreckage.

West Side agent said it was fascinating call, and Quinn clearly interested in hearing the man's story, but the call ended abruptly when the contractor asked if they wanted to hear a story about Dick Durbin.

Quinn and the interviewer said no thank you and ended the call.

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