Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sick of Durbin

I get the Daily Hearld but just skipped the interview with Durbin. I'm just sick of the man. Then I read this via Marathon Pundit:

Q. (Eric Krol) So do you see this as almost an orchestrated attack on you …

A. (Senator Durbin) Oh, it definitely was.

Q. …or do you see it as the media really doesn’t know what they’re doing?

A. It’s an orchestrated right-wing attack that brings the mainstream media in. If they make enough noise. Here’s how they do it: go into a press conference in Washington and the guy stands in the back from Fox and just screams the same question over and over and over again to the point where the other reporters are, my God.

Q. How did they bring (Democratic Chicago) Mayor Daley in?

A. Bob Novak (Syndicated conservative columnist) . He came to Chicago one Monday and had lunch or a meeting with the mayor. Told him his side of the story. And unfortunately, the mayor didn’t know that we had put out a statement the Friday before about this and he made some statements along those lines. He’s also the father of a young soldier training to be a Ranger. I’m sure he felt extremely sensitive about that. We talked about it afterward. I don’t think he knew the whole story.

Have you no shame Sen Durbin? Can't you at least credit the people of Illinois for honest indigation at the calculated insults you made? No one orchestrates us. I'm no right winger. I voted Democratic from McGovern through Gore, and you've destroyed any hope of my ever voting Democratic again. Go, please go. Resign now.

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