Friday, July 08, 2005

Sen Durbin and the Taliban's announcement they'll execute our Navy SEAL today

Here's yesterday's DoD briefing on detainee health care services in Gitmo, and here is the Taliban's Mullah Latif Hakimi's statement on their intent to execute a Navy SEAL they claim to have captured.

How can you not tell the difference between the conduct of your fellow citzens and the thugs we fight in Afganistan Sen Durbin? How can you face your fellow Americans now?
Speaking from an undisclosed location on Friday, Hakimi told Reuters he was unable to provide the name or a description of the commando due to difficulties contacting guerrillas holding him.

However, he insisted: "The soldier is with us.

"He is alive, but we will kill him in the coming couple of days. We are interrogating him and that is why we have kept him alive. The interrogation is about American military tactics and their operations."

He repeated that a video of the man would be provided to media organisations. He said the Taliban Web site -- -- on which the guerrillas intended to post pictures of the commando, had been blocked by the Americans.


Diane said...

So, did they, or didn't they? I haven't heard except for a short spot on Wizbang, but they weren't ready to believe the story.

Bill Baar said...

Trib reports this on PAGE 7 (!):
"This morning in Shagal district in Kunar province, the Taliban killed the American soldier and cut his head off," said Mullah Latif Hakimi, the purported spokesman. "We left the body on a mountainside in this area so Afghan or U.S. soldiers there can find it."