Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pelosi's Speech to AFL-CIO convention

Pelosi always seems a little vague on things to me, but always clear on what's in it for her,
Together, we're going to win control of the House of Representatives, elect the first woman speaker of the House, and we'll usher in a new era of victories for working people.
Pelosi's four-square with the sugar lobby against CAFTA in a city devastated but the lobby's protection of high priced sugar,
For decades, Chicago's West Side claimed the factories that bespoke the nation's diverse mid-century industrial might. The area boasted a Westinghouse plant and a Playskool factory. But high costs and outmoded facilities forced those companies to close. Last year, Brach's Confections announced that it, too, would shut down its sprawling brick-faced plant by 2004, throwing some 1,100 Chicago-area employees out of work.

The company, which for years had turned out StarBrite mints, Milk Maid caramels, and Maple Nut Goodies, said it may contract out the work to manufacturers in Mexico or Argentina.

Labor costs and the need for modern facilities played a role in the company's decision. But the picture is complicated by Brach's reliance on high-priced American sugar.

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