Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Old Neigborhood

Found this picture of the Tavern / Liqour Store accross the street from the Jewel on Rosevelt Road in Berwyn. It's near where I grew up.

Really not much of a tavern. More of a store with a counter and a couple of stools. They still had Fox Head beer listed for sale on a black board over the beer cooler.

They also owned the Hole in the Wall Custard shop a few blocks away.  They would get you started in these tiny establishments as a kid, and you'd graduate to this place in College.

I don't think it's ever had a name. I believe it's still there.

Downloaded this from this site which is for a resort in Michigan's UP. This is why I love the web. Note the slide show on Chicago Hot Dog stands too including this picture of the Parky's just down the street. I believe it closed recently.

You can see Kings & Queens a little further down the street. They had a great Gyros sandwich and never closed except maybe for an hour or so in the AM to mop the floor.

The storefront in between was the office of Doctor Schreiber. He was our Doc, and I remember while I was in college, I would have to give him an accounting of all of my classes and my career plans after graduation.

He would tell me if my plans were no good. I wasn't terribly career oriented so got an earful from Doc Schrieber.

MDs don't take that kind of interest in the whole person anymore despite the talk of "holistic" health. Doc Schreiber would tell you so if you didn't seem to be taking school, career, and life seriously.

It was a different world then.


Diane said...

That's the best slide show I have seen in some time. Chicago hot dogs rule.

Anonymous said...

I certainly do remember all of this. I am Bill's mother. I did not know he had found all of this