Thursday, July 14, 2005

Iraqi PM Ibrahim Al-Ja'fari: "The Iraqi People Pay the Toll in Blood On Behalf of All Nations Facing Terrorism"

via Middle East Media Research:
"Iraq has lost many victims, so much so that we have the right to call it the land of the martyrs, because there is not a single Iraqi home that has not lost a martyr. However, this will not diminish our strength. On the contrary, we will be more determined to work toward creating a glorious future for Iraq.

"The end of the Saddam Hussein nightmare was due to the will of the Iraqi people, and without this will the regime would not have fallen by the arms of the American forces [alone]. It is the wills of peoples that bring change, and henceforth the wheel of time will not go backward. The age of the cult of personality and of tragedies has ended.

"We have all paid the toll for dictatorship and the absence of democracy for a long period of time. Saddam had dispersed us all over the world. And here is Iraq, a home returning to its own owners after it was looted. But we have to look at things as they are, not as we would like them to be."

Ja'fari warned that the culture of bloodletting that, in his words, characterized the Saddam regime, "has now been adopted by the remaining elements of the [Saddam] regime, who declare: 'Either we govern Iraq or we burn it.'

"Terrorism in Iraq is an example of terrorism in the world. What happens in our country is a challenge for the whole world… to stand by our side, because the Iraqi citizen is paying with his blood confronting terrorism... There was no defined geography for terrorism… and the response should be consistent with the crimes of terrorists in Iraq." [1]

Two days after the interview, Dr. al-Ja'fari said that the Iraqi people "are paying the toll in blood on behalf of all the nations facing terrorism... Certain areas in Saudi Arabia send terrorists to Iraq through Syria, but we distinguish between the Saudi state and the efforts of these [men]." [2]

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As an aside, ann althouse has a post and link to a thoughtful post about responding to terrorism.
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