Monday, July 25, 2005

IRAQ THE MODEL: Iraqi women discuss the constitution

Why doesn't MSM give us more on TV shows like this from Iraq? Maybe it would help Americans and the rest of the world understand what this war is all about.

IRAQ THE MODEL: Iraqi women discuss the constitution:
In the latest episode of 'Dostorna' (a program produced by the Iraqia TV and literally means 'our constitution) an interesting debate took place among Iraqi women; they discussed constitution, Share'at and how these subjects deal with women rights and needs and the difference in view points was actually obvious between secular/liberal women and religious/conservative women.

The show was attended by an exclusively female audience and questions were directed to the main characters of the show (4 women; 2 secular and 2 religious sitting against each other to the left and right of the stage.

The debate was direct and frank and dealt with many hot topics in Iraq which included controversial topics like hijab, basic freedoms (according to civil constitutions), equality between men and women and the percentage of women's representation in the National Assembly.

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