Sunday, July 24, 2005

Downstate Pundit: Faith Discrimination

Down State Pundit took issue with Philosophe Forum in post titled: Faith Discrimination. Here's the key quote from PF:
"None of the pundits & spinners have commented on the obvious issue: Judge Roberts is Catholic. Although he should not answer specific questions on issues that could come before the Court, he should respond to ideological questions. The man Rest assured -- he will use the mandates of Pope Benedict & Vatican II as the foundations for his future SCOTUS decisions."
I don't understand the Left's fear of the Pope in American politics. John Paul took a strong stand against Bush on Iraq and the Right didn't talk about mandates from the Vatican.

I'm not Catholic but I've always the Church's positions well-reasoned and they've helped me understand moral issues. Something true not only of the Vatican but of many faiths. That's how faith contributes to the political process. You don't agree with them on everything or anything, but they help you make your own decisions.

I think Rumsfeld felt that way about John Paul when he responded to Tim Russert this way.
Russert: There are many in the world asking for more time for negotiations, for diplomacy -- the Vatican -- the pope issued this statement: "Whoever decides that all peaceful means available under international law are exhausted assumes a grave responsibility before God, his own conscience and history."

Rumsfeld: It's true.

Russert: And you accept that?

Rumsfeld: Indeed. It is a fair statement. War is the last choice. President Bush has said that repeatedly, and he has made every effort humanly possible to avoid it.

Russert: Yesterday in New York City and across --

Rumsfeld: Indeed, he gave a final ultimatum to avoid war: leave in 48 hours -- after exhausting every other step. He is -- I am sure very [few] people could disagree with what the pope said.

Russert: Yesterday in New York City, some 200,000 Americans took to the street and protested -- there's video -- across the world. What would you say to those protestors?

Rumsfeld: Well, I -- this is a free country -- people can have their own views, and they always have. In every war, there have been protestors. The American Firsters filled Madison Square Garden repeatedly with thousands of people before World War II while Europe was in flames, while millions of Jews were being killed, and the chant was, "Don't get involved in a war in Europe." It's a natural human reaction for people to want to avoid war.
If the Pope's mandate is each of us make our decisions in context of our responsibility before God, our conscience and history; than it's not a bad mandate at all.

A very good foundation for anyone's decisions because I know History judges, and for sure History will judge what's being said today. Just as History judges today what the America Firsters said in Maidson Square Garden.

Beware History's judgement though for I suspect God has far more mercy.

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