Sunday, July 10, 2005

Bush, gambling, and faith in the universality of human liberty

More intersiting blogging on Faith and what Liberalism has ceded to Conservatives in the war on totalitarian Islam. Read the whole post, this is a good blog with good analysis, but here is a key quote:
The Belmont Club: Oh Say Can You See: "One possibility is that Reagan and Bush possessed a faith in the universality of human liberty that Kennedy and Clinton did not. It was one thing to coldly deduce that China could be reached by sailing westward from Europe, but it took Columbus to stake one's fate on it. Ignatieff sees this, but cannot bring himself to admit it. Missionary endeavors require a kind of faith. A kind of action in advance of the result. The Canadians and Europeans would not come on those terms and so we should not be surprised that they have not come at all."

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