Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Belmont Clubs Two Points of View

Belmont Club writesTwo Points of View describing the War on Terror as a blood-feud from the Terrorists perspective, and something that could transform from a War into a blood-feud from our perspective too.

I feared Kerry's and the Democrat's "War of Last Resort" would eventually result in a blood-feud mentality in the US. Wait for another attack to rouse Americans to go out for vengeance. It's how today's anti-war movement could give us tomorrow's catastrophe for the Arab world.
'The feud is eternal.' Hence, the Jihad, unlike the war waged by the West, can never be surrendered. Only the West can surrender. But blogs like In a State of Flux, though guilty of Ledeen's indictment of narrowness, are an important indicator that the feud is becoming symmetrical. Western citizens are still focused on the 'larger issues' but personal loss and anger are making the war less abstract. They want to find particular people who attacked them on specific occasions for the purpose of visiting upon them individual punishment. For many, the war is no longer business, it's personal.

One route to victory, the ugly route, is to match the entropy within Islamic societies with a corresponding entropy within the West. The rising resentment against Islamic immigrants in Europe and the growing willingness in the West to see Islam and even Muslims as the enemy, are all early signs of the transformation of war into a corresponding blood feud. One of the constant themes of the Belmont Club is how this development is undesirable because it will, at the limit, result in the destruction of Islamic society and make us all murderers. The alternative route chosen by President Bush, but only half-heartedly pursued by mainstream politicians, is to decrease entropy within the Islamic world by making those countries functional, modern and free so that the 'blood feud' concept becomes as anachronistic in Riyadh as it is in Cleveland.

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