Friday, July 08, 2005

Anti-Muslim hysteria and our Sen Durbin

Woke up to hear Spike O'Dell reading an e-mail from someone in Chicago saying not all Muslims are terrorists, and Muslims shouldn't strike out at innocents because of the decisions of world leaders. Muslims who killed in London aren't real Muslims.

The reader left unsaid if an attack on world leaders would have been ok. Spike thanked the befuddled listener for an appalling comment that apparently went right past Spike.

The largely Muslim people of Baghdad have been dying daily under these terror attacks. There's no anti-Muslim hysteria in the US. On the contrary, our soldiers, civil servants, and contractors have been dying alongside our Muslim allies in the war on terror in Iraq, Afganistan, and throughout the world all along.

Britian's Stop the War Coalition writes in response to the London attack, "We urge everyone to resist any attempts which may be made to use these crimes to stir up anti-Muslim hysteria or attack the Muslim population of this country".

STWC smears the British people with a charge of potential anti-Muslim hysteria, when in fact the British Army along with the Iraqi Army is fighting terrorists in Iraq who really murder Muslim clerics, blow up Muslim Mosques, slaughter Muslims on the street with car bombs.

The people who do our Muslim allies great harm are defeatist like Sen Durbin and the STWC who slander America and our Allies -including Muslim Allies- in a war against terrorists who are killing Muslims wholesale in the streets; including the streets of London now.

Durbin and the rest turn their backs on atrocities and barbarism in the name of peace. He and his like are the greatest threat to Muslim people.

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Diane said...

I wonder if that argument was what got Chamberlain defeated before WWII. Don't upset the Germans, boys. If you do it will be our fault if they try to kill us by air and sea and land.