Monday, June 20, 2005

Zorn's rules and Durbin

From Zorn on Durbin and Hitler analogies.
By invoking the Nazis and Pol Pot and the Soviet gulags in the next paragraph, Durbin took the focus off the very disturbing allegations and all but assured that any subsequent public debate would be about his harsh analogies. (I explained why here).

The delightful irony here is that his conservative Republican critics – oh, you should have heard them wetting their pants last night on WLS-AM! – are overplaying their hand by caterwauling for Durbin’s resignation and bleating that his analogies – and not our apparent brutal violations of the Geneva Convention – are doing the greatest harm to our reputation in the Arab world.
I don't feel delighted. I feel disgusted and embarressed by Durbin. No one can take any delight in what Durbin said.

War is about anniliation of an enemy. Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States and we're waging war to destroy him and all allied with him. The lucky foes surrender and wait it out in Gitmo. But no one delights in any of this and to say so suggests someone completely detached from the reality of war and death.


Mark said...

You say: "apparent brutal violations of the Geneva Convention".
2 things wrong with that statement.
1. Those detainees in Gitmo are treated better by us than even our own soldiers in Iraq are treated. They are not being brutalized by any stretch of the imagination.I truly wish I ate as good as them.
2. They are not soldiers in any one army, nor do they wear the uniforms of any country. They are enemy combatants, so according to the Genevea convention, they have no rights.
Senator DICK Durbin has demonstrated that he is an enemy of the United States with his treasonous statements. Trent Lott's statements regarding Strom Thurmond didn't endanger American lives yet he was forced to resign. Why would anyone think that DICK should not be treated the same? Do you suppose that because he is a Democrat that he should be held immune? Don't you think, in the light of what happened to Trent Lott, that could be a double standard?

Mark said...

Oops. Sorry. I reacted before i read the rest of your post. There really should be an edit feature in the comments section of these blogs. Disregard the fact that i directed my comment to you and apply it to anyone that sides with that DICK.:)