Thursday, June 23, 2005

Zorn just doesn't get it on Durbin

Here's the Durbin-related story Zorn says we've been looking for.

Zorn still doesn't get it. Or maybe gets it but's dodging it.

If Republicans and Democrats call each other Nazis or fascists or Pol Potists, or Communists, it's dumb politics.

If a US Senator calls American soldiers Nazis, it's a gross affront to American soldiers.

If a US Senator calls American soldiers Nazis at a time of war, it's aiding America's foe.

If a US Senator describes abuse by American soldiers, and fails to use the powers and prerogatives of a US Senator to investigate, and alleges the abuse is on the scale of Hitler's, Stalin's, or Pol Pot's mass murders, then he's morally weak.

I don't write "morally weak" rhetorically.

If Durbin believed this, he's morally weak not to act. All he has to do is drive over to Andrews AFB, hop a flight to Gitmo, and camp out.

Durbin says the US Marines will only show a US Senator the good side when you do that, but if that stops mass murder, that's ok. The US Marines won't commit mass atrocities while a US Senator is on station; accompanied by Eric Zorn perhaps. Durbin has the power, authority, and right.

He's morally obligated to act.

But Durbin's all bull jive. Leave us Senator. You've disgraced the people of Illinois. Please leave.

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