Sunday, June 19, 2005

Tom Weisner finds a job for Meg Gorecki

This is weird. Naperville Democrats picks up a Beacon News story on Aurora's Democratic Mayor Tom Weisner's offer of a job to disgraced Republican, and former, Kane County Attorney General Meg Gorecki " an assistant city prosecutor focusing on property code violations."

Beacon News writes, Gorecki, 37, was elected as the county's top prosecutor in 2000. She was forced to leave her post for four months into the last year of her term when her law license was suspended in the aftermath of a phone call she made to an acquaintance, during which she suggested that a county job could be had in exchange for campaign contributions.

Here are Gorecki's words left on the phone answering machine as recorded in her Disciplinary hearing. (Should note Kane County Chair Mike McCoy unaware of any of this and Gorecki was just using his name to make what my Dad would have called a "shake down".)
"Hey Jane, I talked to uh two people uhm, the first person I talked to uhm who, you know, allegedly works inside uh, started talking about Eric's interview, and you know said something like oh 'He didn't interview well ...' And I said I heard he interviewed great and you know I ... I just said and I heard there like you it's allegedly test scores and there weren't scores and this and that and the other thing and so I just said okay thanks for the information. I talked to I went back to my primary source, he just said, 'Meg, quit f-in' around, get the money together and do it if you're gonna do it, uhm just meet with your client, get the money, set up an appointment with McCoy, you know, uhm, sit down, talk to Eric about it uhm, you know.' There are no guarantees in life but he said this is the only way to get it done. If you want the job done uh, you take the bull by the horns and uh you offer him the money, you know. Of course, there are no ... you make 'campaign contributions.' That's what I meant to say ... (laughs). Give me a call uh I'll be in and out this weekend. Uh (cuts off) ... ."

The first message was cut off because of a time limitation on the answering machine. The second message began immediately thereafter:

"Jane, I don't know when your birthday is or when Eric's birthday is but the two of you like need to buy each other a new answering machine, like very soon, cause like I cannot take the music. Anyway, I talked to Mike McCoy, uhh he's on board, everything's uh squared up. The only thing he's getting back to me on is whether or not there are any positions left. Just that simple. Uhm (inaudible) highway, street maintenance, snow removal, etc., and he goes you know Meg, I think we've filled the three spots and I said I heard there were six, blah, blah, blah. We went back and forth he's gonna get back to me today or Monday. I'll talk to ya. Bye."

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