Saturday, June 25, 2005

Obama's Father Day Sermon

Obama's preaching a Fathers Day sermon Here's what it takes to be a bona fide `full-grown' man brings out the cynic in me.

First, can you imagine the hullabaloo about separation of Church and State, and the impending theocratic coup if Bush got up on a pulpit and preached about anything?

Second, this strikes me as a speech to the suburbs confirming their worst prejeduces about men in the city. Obama is setting himself up for National Office and this is a speech directed to a wider audience broading his base.

Obama told us,

I know that our schools don't have all of the equipment. ... I understand that the school-financing system in the state is screwed up. ... I understand that our teachers need more money. And I understand that we need more computers and equipment. I understand all those things, but let me say this: That is no excuse.
I think it's an excuse. The failure is something that needs to be explained by a politician. Don't tell me it's my job to work around it.

And a politician also ought to explain the security needed to protect my kid so he or she can get to school and use the equipment.

And a politician ought to explain what they'll do to ensure quality public teachers.

Or maybe a politician should offer to voucher back taxes so tax payors can make their own choices here.

I don't need a politician to quote me 1st Corinthians, Chapter 13: Verse 11. I want a politician to tell me how they're going to make sure our tax dollars pay for a quality education so our kids can read the bible themselves. Something they should be perfectly free to study in public schools too.

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