Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Michael Yon : Online Magazine

Yon reports on a visit to a Yezdinar Village outside Mosul in Iraq.Michael Yon : Online Magazine.

Go about half way down the story (good pictures too) and you see Yon meets an Iraqi Veteran of the Iran-Iraq war.

"I wanted to know more about Mr. Qatou's life. He said he was born in 1949, and after being drafted into the Army, was sent to fight the Iranians for 7 years before being captured and imprisoned in Iran for 10 years"

If you're a POW, you're not guitly of a crime and it's against the Geneva Conventions to try you as a criminal. You just sit it out for the duration.

All that we need to release the folks in Gitmo is a fatwa from Bin Laden ending the war. Then these people go.

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