Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Marathon Pundit makes the Wall Street Journal

Blogger John Ruberry gets a hat tip from the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto. Check Taranto's story and you'll find this exchange between Vanessa Redgrave and CNN's John Costas. I think it explains the left's thinking on Durbin.
Last week on CNN's "Larry King Live," guest host Bob Costas put a question to left-wing actress Vanessa Redgrave:

Costas: Even given the mistakes or perceived mistakes of American policy, what is the greater evil in the world, America and its policies or America's enemies?

Redgrave: It's an important question. One of our most respected judges and highest up in our judicial system said that laws which detain indefinitely without charge, without trial, without defense, without prosecution, without evidence, without cross examination, are a greater evil than terrorism, and I feel the same, actually.

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John Ruberry said...

Thanks, Bill! I'll keep the heat on Schakowsky.