Friday, June 17, 2005

Gitmo Critics and Durbin

Davids Medienkritick explains what the Gitmo critics are all about,
Don't be fooled when you read articles in the German media criticizing Gitmo. It isn't about human rights. This is about tearing down the United States of America and especially conservative Americans. It is about the intellectual German left winning back the moral high ground, and America is perhaps the greatest single obstacle to that objective. Especially that part of red-state America that stood firm during the Cold War in the face of Soviet Communism. So what do the German elites do? We've documented it on this site: They shamelessly criticize anything and everything about the United States. They lie, twist and distort the facts about America to manipulate public opinion.
I think Durbin in his clumsy and offensive way thinks he claiming some moral high ground too. If he thinks we're committing gross crimes down there he's obligated to get himself to Gitmo and investigate. Otherwise he should say he's sorry and leave the Senate for disgracing the people of Illinois so.

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