Sunday, June 12, 2005

Galley Slaves: Why Do We Need Gitmo?

Galley Slaves asks Why Do We Need Gitmo?: and "Anonymous added...
The only 'due process' unlawful combatants are entitled to under the ancient customs of war, and the Geneva and Hague Conventions is the question of which ear the pistol is pointed at."

Which is true and people don't realize how lucky these guys are to have their heads and a cell in Gitmo.

They're not criminals and they can't be put on trial. They've declared war on the United States but they fight outside the rules and customs of war. Their only options are surrender --and internment for the duration-- or death. They should be grateful for the option.

All it takes to release them is UBL to give himself up and issue a Fatwa of surrender. (Here's his declaration of War.) It's over and the US can decide to let these guys go, or keep them. My guess is we let them go.

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