Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The folks who listen to Sen Durbin

When Rumsfeld broadcasts Town Hall meetings world wide, our Sen Durbin ought to keep in mind his words travel just as real-time, and far.

They get intrepreted for the Arabic speaking world through the minds of fellows such as Dr. Ahmad Dewidar, imam of the Islamic Society of Mid-Manhattan and a lecturer on Islamic studies at Manhattanville College.

Middle East Media Resarch Institute translated an inteview with Dr. Dewidar who shed these insights on America,
Question: "What steps did you take to fend off the accusation that stuck to the Muslims – [i.e.] that they were behind 9/11?"

Dewidar: "Although a large part of American society believes that 9/11 was an operation planned and fabricated in order to forge a new reality of world rule under the so-called 'New World Order,' most of society got the message from the Muslims that they were in fact the ones behind [the attacks]. This message was reflected in the [fact that] the Taliban and Osama bin Laden took responsibility for the event, as well as in the reactions of glee in the Arab and Muslim world to what happened.
and then this insight on who calls the shots in the US,
Question: "What is the extent of the Muslim community's influence on American society?"
Dewidar: "The Zionist community numbers only three million, but they control the government, the politics, the economy, and the media in the U.S. At the same time, the Islamic community numbers 11 million, but its influence is weak. There are a number of reasons for this. The main ones are that the Muslim community is composed of different cultures, languages, and countries [of origin] – there are Arabs, Asians, Iranians, and others – and that the Islamic community is a society that only recently emigrated to the U.S., in comparison with many other communities. Thus we lack an organization, a plan, and a strategy around which we can unite and according to which we can act. We need to have generations of specialists in medicine, computers, and other areas that serve society. Even if we now have some representatives in some fields of sciences, this is not sufficient in order for them to stand out and influence American society."
Finally we get this analysis on our goals for the War against Terrorism,
"As for the American policy of controlling the region... The American regime believes in a [certain] ideological or religious program, which is like the New Testament for it. [This program] is the result of a great intellectual effort by a man who is powerful and influential among the intellectuals, who is called Sharatsky [sic; apparently referring to former Israeli minister Natan Sharansky] – a Jew in origin. [His idea] boils down to the claim that in order for America to live in security, it has to change the perceptions in the Middle East regarding the [people's] sense of participation in the political process, and regarding freedom, democracy and education. This, [according to him,] is because the oppression of these [Middle Eastern] societies leads to extremism, which is ruining their countries and America... This Jew has despicable goals, and we see their effects today in America's actions in the region, imposing its opinion and its outlook on democracy, education, and political involvement on our [Arab and Islamic] countries.
Count me with the Jewish guy. I've read his book. I don't know how one can be a liberal and not believe in the power of Democracy and Freedom to overcome tyranny and terror.

You're no liberal Sen Durbin, if you can't see the foe. We'll impose in Iraq (and East St. Louis) and the world will be far better place for it. You will have done nothing to help and only caused harm. And history will remember that.

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