Thursday, June 23, 2005

Durbin's conference call with Liberal Bloggers

From Jonathan V. Last in the Weekly Standard Newsletter I just received. The links are unbelievable. Confirms my belief expressed on Capital Fax demonizing the troops is a nutty political tactic for the Party to set out on.

Before ultimately deciding to issue his I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-An-Apology, Durbin's office held a conference call with a number of liberal bloggers. You can read a summary of it here.

The problem is that many of the bigger liberal bloggers are sort of, well, crazy. Go to Buzzflash, for instance, and you'll find a list of insane, over-the-top liberal headlines, as well as an ad which proclaims that "A Fascist Christian America" can "Happen Here." This isn't the liberal analog of the Drudge Report--it's the liberal analog of open-mike night at St. Elizabeth's.

Another liberal blogger who seems to have been invited to the Durbin conference call, but didn't phone in, is Steve Gilliard. Gilliard had previously defended Durbin, but when Durbin tried backing down, Gilliard unleashed with a stream of profanity and invective that I can't reproduce, because the Newsletter would never get past your spam filter. The ur-liberal blogger, Markos Moulitsas, then concurred with Gilliard, right down to the nasty language.

What's happening here? Durbin is finding out that if you turn to crazy people for support, you can't be surprised that if you disappoint them even in the slightest, they might go a little nuts. Dick Durbin shouldn't be enlisting people this, ahem, mercurial, in his cause. Unless he's a total moron, the only reason he would go to them is that he believes these people represent up a huge portion of the electorate.

And here's where the Democratic stupidity comes in: If Senator Durbin wants to know how many votes people like Buzzflash, Gilliard, and Kos really represent, he should talk to John Kerry and Howard Dean.

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