Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Durbin should ask Schroeder about Sant'Anna di Stazzema next week

Capitain's Quarters writes on the recent conviction in absentia in Italy of ten German SS men for the murder of over 500 civilians Sant'Anna di Stazzema.

The ten are believed to be living now in Germany. What will be done with them is a good question for the German Diplomat who Described Civil Rights in the USA as "on a par with those of North Korea".

Might be nice if Sen Durbin joined Davids Medienkritik's next Monday accross from the While House to protest anti-American bias in German media and politics during Schroeder's visit with Bush.

Durbin can ask why Germany can't deal with atrocieties after sixty years. The US Army investigated at Abu Gharib and brought to trial it's own within a year for far far lessor crimes.

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