Monday, June 20, 2005

Durbin on blogs

Here's a quote from the Hewitt piece -previous post- on breaking the Durbin code. It's from an interview with Spike O'Dell on WGN talking about Durbin's comments.

Durbin got this blogger [me] all fired up. I voted for Durbin last time around but guess I'm on "the other side" now and part of the "pretty substantial network". I'm sure angry and focused.

Q: Are you surprised at all this backlash?

Durbin: Yes, I am. Well, I shouldn't be. I have seen it happen before. What happens is this, for your listeners, so they understand now. The people on the other side, the president's supporters, have a pretty substantial network behind them. The first thing they do when they get angry and decide to focus on something, my statement obviously was their focus, they start their blogs, which I don't pay a lot of attention to but some people do. The next thing you know is it moves into this talk radio. I became a poster child for Rush Limbaugh. He put my number on his radio show. People called from all around the country. The Washington Times, a very conservative, Republican newspaper, puts a front page story about me on there. The White House lashes out to me, and pretty soon the mainstream media , it just follows. It has happened time and time again. They have a good way of starting the news when they want to protect the president, but the reality is, as the poll numbers show this morning, despite all this effort, the American people are very worried about what's happening in Iraq. We have lost 1,700, I want to say 1,710, that was yesterday, I think we have now lost 1,713 soldiers. I have attended the funerals. I have sent notes to the families. This is a sad situation with no end in site, and the president's approval for handling this war is at an all time low.


Diane said...

Why do we never hear, in contrast to his statement about the Washington Times, "The New York Times, a very liberal newspaper, puts a front page story about there.

The Uncooperative Blogger said...

Durbin Explains Backlash
It is nice to know I am so powerful. Frankly I see nothing wrong with what he is obviously complaining about. It appears to be the power of "we the people" to me.