Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi: Collateral Killing of Muslims is Legitimate

We give Gitmo detainees Korans and All-Zarqawis explains why it's ok to kill Muslims here when his terrorists attack Muslim Mosques in Iraq. MEMRI has translated for us.

"Sheikh Al-Islam ['the authority of Islam'] Ibn Taymiyya said: 'Complete piety means that man should be able to recognize the better of two good things and the worse of two evils, and that he should know that the basis of Islamic law is that one should [strive to] achieve beneficial things and perfect them and to stop evil things and diminish them...

"He [Ibn Taymiyya] also said: 'Allah made it lawful to kill people as much as necessary for the good of humanity. As He said [in the Koran, 2:217]: "The temptation [of idolatry] [fitna] is worse than killing." [This is so] because, although killing is evil and wrong, there is more evil and wrong in the temptation of heresy'..."

The War Department had Frank Capra do the Why We Fight films during World War II because "...new draftees 'haven't the slightest enthusiasm for this war or this cause. They are not grouchy, they are not mutinous, they just don't give a tinker's dam.' (Kansas newspaper editor William Allen White to White House adviser Lowell Mellett) .

I don't think today's forces are in a fog about the enemy and we don't deal with a conscript service, but the home front needs some education. A foe with such disdain for their own coreligionists isn't going to show the United States any mercey.

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