Sunday, May 08, 2005

Victor Davis Hanson: What Happened to History?

Anyone who starts a blog site with a reference to his forbearer's neighborhood has to be in tune with Hanson's essay on What Happened to History?

Reverence for those who came before us ensures humility about our own limitations. It restores confidence that far worse crises than our own -- slavery, the great flu epidemic, or World War II -- were endured by those with far less resources at their disposal.

By pondering those now dead, we create a certain pact: that we, too, will do our part for another generation not yet born to enjoy the same privilege of America, which at such great cost was given to us by others whom we have all but now forgotten.

Pondering is the right word here. History offers far fewer lessons than many think. Nothing repeats, and problems always new. But a sense of reverence and humility gained pondering past sacrifices helps make better decisions for the future.

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