Monday, May 16, 2005

Red Chicago: Meet the Working-class Republicans

Red Chicago: Meet the Working-class Republicans Red Chicago links a David Brooks column on the changes in political landscape. Hillary sees the key in 'working class' Republicans... (the old 'Reagan Democrats' maybe?)

Even so, Republicans have barely thought about how to use government to offer practical encouragement to the would-be Horatio Alger heroes. They've barely explored their biggest growth market. If Republicans can't pass programs like KidSave, which would help poor families build assets for education or retirement, then Hillary Clinton, who is surprisingly popular with poor Republicans, will take their place.

I have a feeling the political balance and landscape changing faster than either the Dems or Reps realize although the R's far more sensitive with electorate than the Dems. Sen Clinton more sensitive than either party to what's happening. Good for her allthough I'm always spooked by someone as shrewd and perceptive as her and with such an overwhelming lust for power. I'll never forget her Barbara Walters interview with Bill talking about Bill's indiscretions. All I could think was she desperately wanted to be 'first Lady' to tolerate sitting through that humiliating experience.

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Jami said...

During the Barbara Walters interview, all I thought was, "Good for her!" But then, I don't seem "ambition" as a character flaw in women.