Saturday, May 14, 2005

Podhoretz on Bolton and Voinovich

Human Events linked this by John Podhoretz on Sen Voinovich's temper. I feel so insulted by these attacks on Bolton. If you don't like Bush's foreign Policy, attack it, that's fair game. But this business about Bolton's temper is just absurd and real insult to voters intelligence. We can't understand the big issues so the Senators wallow in personalities. Or maybe they just can't deal with the issues themselves.

Other times, a nominee becomes an occasion for a senator to perform a holier-than-thou tap-dance. Such was the case yesterday with John Bolton and the Republican senator from Ohio, George Voinovich, who insulted and attacked Bolton without ever having bothered to attend one of the committee hearings in which Bolton testified.

It was comic to hear Voinovich describe Bolton as a "bully" yesterday, because the only bullying in sight was being done by Voinovich — attacking somebody who can't attack back.

And Voinovich himself knows something about bullying. In 1995, when he was governor of Ohio, he had a temper tantrum at an airport because his plane was kept on the ground while Air Force One was in the sky.

He ordered his pilot to take off, screaming at air traffic controllers all the while and daring them to "shoot us down." In an unprecedented act, Voinovich was actually fined by the Federal Aviation Administration for his behavior.

He's still at it in the United States Senate. And why not? The Senate is paradise for bullies. E-mail:

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