Wednesday, May 25, 2005's Picture of Pope Benedict XVI they decided to pull down

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Above is the pic of Pope Benedict XVI had posted on their website and then removed as offensive. It is offensive, but I posted it to show where these folks are at, and because maybe they lack the honesty (or as our goofy Illinois Gov would say: 'testicular virility' ) to post what they really think... offensive as it is.

If this turns out to be fake I'll pull it down.

Here's what Novak had to say on it Sunday,
The leftist's Web site on Wednesday posted a depiction of Pope Benedict XVI as a U.S. Supreme Court justice in waging its fight against President Bush's judicial nominations. The image lasted only a short time before it was pulled down.

The pope was shown with a gavel in his upraised hand, standing in front of Supreme Court depictions of the Ten Commandments, with this caption: ''God already has a job. He does not need one on the Supreme Court. Protect the Supreme Court rules.''

The image contradicts Democratic claims that they are not playing the religious card in opposing Bush's judges. On the Senate floor Wednesday, Democratic Sen. Mark Dayton of Minnesota said any claims that the president's foes are raising religious issues are ''the slurs of charlatans.''

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churchNstate said...

Here is a press release from the National Legal and Policy Center that follows this story:

Ethics Group Asks Soros to Repudiate Anti-Catholic MoveOn Ad