Sunday, May 15, 2005

Marathon Pundit, Klocek and DePaul

Marathon Pundit wrote with this link on the AP picking up the story on DePaul's firing of Thomas Klocek because he "...argued with pro-Palestinian students at a campus activities fair last fall".

The AP wrote:
John Ruberry, who writes the Marathon Pundit blog, started following the case after Klocek staged a news conference gagged in front of Chicago TV cameras.Other bloggers also picked up on the story, and newspaper columnist Jay Ambrose described it as an example of political correctness run amok on college campuses.`There seems to be kind of a double standard as far as free speech,'Ruberry said, noting the case of Churchill, who came under fire for comparing some Sept. 11 victims to Nazis. Churchill has kept his job but is under investigation by the university for other issues.
Note Klocek arqued with "pro-Palestinian students", not Muslim Students.

The Muslims according to Front Page don't seem to fare very well with DePaul's Director of the Islamic World Studies Program, Aminah Beverly McCloud, who kept her job:

Being a black Muslim, McCloud has often found herself to be at odds with Middle Eastern Muslim Immigrants. “In their pursuit of the American dream and whiteness,” McCloud has remarked, “the new arrivals have largely ignored African-American Muslims, and have assumed that they can impose their own understanding of Islam on African-Americans.” A devotee of the Nation of Islam, McCloud has noted that the organization must impose a greater leadership role in the social, spiritual, and political aspects of Black “mainstream” culture. McCloud has said that the Nation of Islam must define what Islam is within the American culture, “because there is an impetus in this country for the immigrant community to define what is Islam, and they’re very adamant.”
I'll keep this all in mind next time DePaul asks me for money. What's Ratzinger's e-mail address again?

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