Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Andrew Sullivan and the Marines' "New Testament" Tank

Andrew Sullivan complains "...our own military seems to be advertising an explicitly Christian identity in Iraq.." with this Tank sporting the words "New Testament" on the barrel.

I have some doubts as too how offended Muslims would be by the "New Testament". I always thought Islam reinterpreted Christianity rather than rejected it.
from Comparing Christianity & Islam by PETER KREEFT
In one sense Islam is a simplification of Christianity as Buddhism is a simplification of Hinduism. But in another sense Islam adds to Christianity, for where Jews have only our "Old Testament" Scriptures and Christians add the New Testament, Muslims also add the Quran. They accept the claims of the Jewish prophets to be sent by God. They believe Jesus deepened this revelation and that Mohammed completed it. Mohammed is "the seal of the prophets." He tells you how to live Jesus' ethic (Jesus is seen only as a man, an ethical teacher).

Now the Brits like to sport the Jolly Roger which I thought would be a more common symbol on US Tanks instead of the words "New Testament".

I remember seeing HMS Conqueror return flying it after sinking the ARA Belgrano with all of its 800 hands (mostly boys under 21).

(The Falklands War a classic example of foolish men with no understanding how Democracies are slow to anger; but once roused can strike back with a ruthlessness far greater than the measured democratic revolution Bush seeks in the Arab world. )

Kerry's "war of last resort" doctrine seemed a notion that to me -- in the long run-- would have ended up giving us more in the spirit of the Jolly Roger; and a lot less in the spirit of the New Testament.
The event which bought the Jolly Roger to the attention of a post World War II public was when HMS Conqueror flew the Jolly Roger on her return from the Falklands War having sunk ARA General Belgrano. In May 1991 Oberon class submarines HMS Opossum and her sister HMS Otus returned to the submarine base HMS Dolphin in Gosport from patrol in the Persian Gulf flying Jolly Rogers, the only indication that they had been involved in alleged SAS and SBS reconnaissance operations. In 1999 HMS Splendid participated in the Kosovo Conflict and became the first Royal Navy submarine to fire a cruise missile in anger. On her return to Faslane, on July 9 1999, Splendid flew the Jolly Roger.

After Operation Veritas, the attack on Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces following the 9/11 attacks in the United States, HMS Trafalgar entered Plymouth Sound flying the Jolly Roger on March 1 2002. She was welcomed back by Admiral Sir Alan West, Commander-in-Chief of the fleet and it emerged she was the first Royal Navy submarine to launch tomahawk cruise missiles against Afghanistan. HMS Triumph was also involved in the initial strikes and on returning to port had a Jolly Roger that was emblazoned with two crossed Tomahawks to indicate her opening missiles salvoes in the war against terrorism and HMS Superb's whose flag had a dagger, for force protection, a bee for her nickname (the Super B), and two communications flashes.

More recently, on April 16, 2003, HMS Turbulent, the first Royal Navy vessel to return home from the war against Iraq, arrived in Plymouth flying the Jolly Roger after launching thirty Tomahawk cruise missiles. -- from Wikpeida

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