Monday, May 23, 2005

Air Blagojevich

Illinois GOP writes about Blagojevich's Budget Director's propensity for corporate jet style travel.

I loath flying and will exploit every telcom, internet, and computer option to avoid travel. It's not hard to do. Telecommuting works nicely.

The governor's budget director flies on state aircraft nearly once every 2½ days as he tries to find ways to control costs. In fact, Filan's 210 flights during the first two years of Gov. Rod Blagojevich's administration was nearly twice as many as the previous budget director took in nearly four years.

Typically Filan, who lives in Chicago, flies on one of the six daily shuttle flights the state operates between Chicago and the capital. He isn't the only Blagojevich aide who is often aloft: The Blagojevich administration's use of state aircraft is up 27 percent from Gov. George Ryan's administration, according to an Associated Press analysis of flight records. While other state officials have curtailed their use of state planes, Blagojevich and his agencies are flying more than ever.

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