Friday, April 15, 2005

Triple Finger's Letter writing campaign on Judicial Filibuster

A letter from Three Bad Fingers I don't think he'd object to my posting.
I would like to invite you to participate in a little experiment I have going. You can read about it here: to see if you are interested. Essentially, I am attempting to collect a series of Open Letters to fence sitting senators regarding the Constitutional Option issue. If this catches fire, it could powerfully impact the debate in Washington. I appreciate your consideration.
I have to admit the word traitor is an obstacle for me. I understand the context here, but I just like Sen McCain. Call to arms another obstacle. But I would approve the change in Senate rules for sure. I understand Senate rules now allow for a sort of fake filibuster. Senators no longer really have to stand for hours (sometimes catheterized) reading endless passages from fat books. Now they can just declare a filibuster and go home. I'd at least change rules to make these guys stand for hours on end.

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