Saturday, April 16, 2005

Republican Governors Forum today

Attended the Republican Forum for Illinois Governor this morning. I'll blog some thoughts during the rest of the afternoon as I'm trying to take advantage of the nice weather to get a few things done outside.

Jim Oberweis opened his statement declaring he was the only declared candidate and expecting (I think) a round of applause for that and he didn't get it. I think the silence threw him off tempo for the rest of his time.

Joe Birkett closed with a call to the party to seek more votes in the City and cited his accomplishments on diversity. He mentioned two muslims elected as Republicans in Dupage last election. This went over well with me. Hope it goes over well with the rest of the party. There are opportunities here.

Patrick O'Mally seemed the most thoughtful of the bunch. I learned my lesson when I voted for George Ryan over Glenn Poshard. Single issue voter me never again.

Ray LaHood had the best oratory and seemed like the most fire-in-the-belly for the job but his solution to problems was a Ross Perot like bring in a roomful of experts to find the solutions.

Steve Raushenberger couldn't appear because of committment to appear at a National Legislatures conference. JBT was a no show for reasons I don't recall being explained.

A lot of West Side connections in the room. Birkett talked about growing up in Austin. A good day and an interesting group. All voiced a concern not to have a destructive primary.

Andy McKenna said the election would be won in the burbs and the Dems growing there.

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