Friday, April 01, 2005

Melanie Phillips on the New Age of Barbarism

Melanie Phillips writes on the New Age of Barbarism.

Our western culture has thus been utterly brutalized. The bedrock of our civilization, the absolute respect we afford each other because all human life is equal, has been destroyed. Those who are aghast at this pre-modern brutishness find themselves vilified as obscurantist throwbacks. The judiciary, one of our erstwhile bulwarks against any descent into tyranny, has turned into the enforcer of a post-modern deconstruction of personhood.

Socialists waved the "red flag" because everyone's blood was red. The British Labour Party still sings "The Red Flag". All human life was equal; eveyone's blood was red.

We're on moral quicksand when we start judging some life not worth living. Bush was right when he said err on the side of life but he ought rethink the death penalty just as Santorum has done.

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