Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Mediankritik on Benedict XVI

David's Mediankritik on the first German Pope in a millennium. Two points from the quote below: 1) Europe subsidizes religion and it's lethal for the Church, and 2) the trend in the future like it or not is we will increasingly live the majority of our lives alone. That's in part because of divorce and disintegration of families but also just plain medical technology allowing us to outlive our spouses for increasingly long periods. Individualism and focus on the self is not all selfishness. There are powerful trends in place and religion needs to mediate them. Family and community will be redefined.

In order to save Europe from itself Ratzinger will have to confront a number of European post-war developments that are actively supported by Euro-state policies. First, he will have to find a way to return Europeans to Church. Go to any cathedral in oldEurope and it will be filled with tourists and only tourists. In Germany, they have found a way to collect donations without requiring physical attendance through the use of a Church tax. And whileit may sooth the individual conscience, donating moneyto the church via payroll deduction does little tobond believers to the community or provide opportunities to hear about and discuss church values.

He will have to find a way to re-instill those church values necessary for the survival of European society.Given Europe's suicidal demographics, he will need toemphasize the importance of the family and children. Old Europe has eliminated the need for the social contract between generations and the need for children through the creation of overly generous state pension schemes. The family has been replaced by bureaucrats who administer tax funded benefits.

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