Sunday, April 03, 2005

Management Improving, But Challenges Remain.

From FedLog:

Thursday, March 3 5:01 p.m. ET

GAO's Challenge.

Every day, I get a list of new GAO reports in my e-mail inbox. After reading the titles of these reports (and sometimes, heaven forbid, the reports themselves) for several years, I think I can say with confidence that GAO has scientifically determined that the state of almost every federal program is as follows: "Management Improving, But Challenges Remain." Don't believe me? Go to GAO's Web site and do a search for reports with the terms "management," "improving," "challenges," and "remain." Makes you wonder: Does GAO actually think that federal management will one day reach a state of nirvana in which no further challenges remain? I hope I'm around for that.

I would send the GAO folks to an internship at McDonald's or WalMart.

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