Sunday, April 10, 2005

Littelfuse Exec Gordon Hunter's Business Card

Daily Herald's Business section today tells us Des Plaines-based Littelfuse CEO Gordon Hunter's "...Business card is a nod to Littelfuse's global mindset. One side is in English while the flip side is in Chinese and English. Check the Littlefuse link and you'll notice options for Japanese and Chinese.

I wonder if SEIU's Andy Stern or the AFL-CIO's John J. Sweeney have bi-lingual cards. They don't have a bi-lingual website.

Labor used to have a global mindset just like Hunter's at Littelfuse but I don't think unions have a global view anymore other than advocating unemployment for workers outside the United States. It's not "don't mourn, organize" anymore, it's just don't buy from Walmart so we put some working kid in Cambodia on starvation rations.

It doesn't dawn on our labor leaders that they still should think in terms of workers of the world unite. Stern should have that card read in Cambodian on the back.

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