Friday, April 08, 2005

GOP Responsible for Schiavo Talking Points?

Three Bad Fingers wrote GOP Responsible for Schiavo Talking Points and I added the "?". Counsel for Senator Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) wrote the points and there's really no sense the document was widely distributed as part of an R effort. The reality seems very different than what the Post first reported.

Blogging's given me an appreciation of anchor tags and hyperlinks. These tools have raised documentation standards. The days when reporters could just pass off sources without giving readers the right to drill down into them are over. I feel insulted now if someone quotes a source and I don't have an option to drill into that quote and follow its trail.

The Wash Post spinned this story to portray an organized Republican effort to take political advantage. It's ok if the Post wanted to spin that line, but as I reader I want the option to drill into that source and find out who wrote it and evaluate for myself how organized the political effort was.

More discussion on this topic here.

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