Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Galley Slaves: Steyn on the Pope

I hope there are more comments here at Galley Slaves: Steyn on the Pope. The three posted there now start an interesting discussion on the JP II's legacy.

West Side agent bristled last night watching O'Riley talk about secularists. She couldn't figure out who the secularists were, or why O'Riley ranted about them. I flipped channels to Two and half Men co-starring Heather Locklear and said this is what O'Riley meant by secularist.

Secularism and spirituality have nothing to do with separation of Church and State. That's all about power and the disestablishement of a Church.

Spirit's at the core of our humanity. We can corrupt or strengthen our spirit, but we can't bifurcate ourselves into the spiritual and the secular.

So there is a spirituality of sorts at work with Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen on that show. The two are one even on secular TV. Whether it's corrupt or not, I can't say. I laughed at the jokes. West Side agent left the room with the paper.

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