Friday, April 29, 2005

Durbin, Spector, and Madison County Illinois

Respublica found a tiff between Sen Spector and our Sen Durbin over witnesses at Senate Asbestos hearing. Durbin brought his lawyer buddies and no victims.

Someone needs to explain Madison County to me. I thought it was a coal mining region. How did all the trial lawyers get down there? This is what happens to Chicagoans. Get south of South of Chicago Heights and the rest of the State is a mystery to us.


Diane said...

Coal mining was a major industry in Southern Illinois for much of its history, but currently worked mines are few. Much of this area is almost completely undermined and that includes most of the populated, urban areas making up the St. Louis metro-east. Madison and St. Clair counties jumped on the lawsuit bandwagon early on and have taken advantage of friendly laws which allow suits to be filed by plaintiffs who have no connection to this area. The asbestos suits which began maybe in the 80's have contributed to the influx of law offices which do nothing but bring class action lawsuits. Here is a site wholly devoted to news about metro east court cases and lawsuits.

Diane said...

oh, and one more interesting thing about Madison County and trial lawyers. Seems one of the local law offices flew Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid around. Their tenacles have a long reach. I did a post on it shortly after the election, have to find it.

Diane said...

Here is the link to the story about Reid and the Simmons-Cooper law firm. They were the 4th biggest contributor to his campaign to the tune of $60,400 plus squiring him around in their plane.