Thursday, April 28, 2005

Debacle of the left

Andrew Sullivan tipped me to this post by Norman Geras. I see the debacle of the left but sure at a loss to explain why and answer these questions Geras asks.
What is it that has led to this intellectual and political debacle of so much of the left of (roughly) my own generation? The pathology of anti-Americanism? The failure to call certain political phenomena by their proper names? A loss of nerve and/or moral perspective in face of a capitalism seemingly everywhere triumphant? Perhaps (three times). But a debacle is what it is - the loss to progressive opinion of half a generation or more of those who might otherwise have been expected to pass on a mature wisdom to younger others. Instead, this shameful legacy.
Capitalism did triumph. That didn't mean there still wasn't a place for a "left". It just meant the left had to rethink. The thinking didn't happen. Instead we have the shameful legacy Geras describes, and the left is done

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