Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cook County's population loss

Here's the future although I for sure haven't sorted out the implications.
The suggestion that Cook County may be losing population runs against the perception of growth fueled by the large number of condominium projects that have sprouted across Chicago's skyline in recent years. But demographers say those buildings are often being inhabited by singles, couples and empty-nesters that are smaller in size than the families that are moving out.


Marc Thomas, information services manager for the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission, said some estimates in the 1990s showed the city losing population, a trend that proved false once the 2000 census was released.

"There are new housing units downtown," Thomas said. "But we really don't know what is going on in the other neighborhoods."

One thing that is clear, Thomas said, is the continued importance of immigrants in maintaining Cook County's population. "Cook County is relying on foreign immigration to prop it up," he said.

While DuPage and Lake Counties were once top destinations for people leaving Cook County, Thomas said Kendall and Will Counties now appear to be favored by those seeking affordable housing in the suburbs. "By and large, it is driven by people wanting newer and bigger as cheaply as possible," he said.
Oberweis will make sure all those immigrants' kids join the Democratic party. I have more hope with Birkett.

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