Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bush and the Evengelicals; Conservative they're not

Andrew Sullivan links this essay by Jeffry Hart on The Evangelical Effect. Sullivan quotes from Hart,
The Bush presidency often is called conservative. That is a mistake. It is populist and radical, and its principal energies have roots in American history, and these roots are not conservative... If we recall Leo Strauss's formulation that "Athens and Jerusalem" -- science and spiritual aspiration -- are the core of Western civilization, American Evangelicalism is a threat to both, through ignorance of both.
American Evangelicalism no threat for reasons Hart gives us but ignores; it's rooted in American History and responsible for many of the great liberal/radical/progressive traditions. Bush isn't as radical as Hart would have us think but what will make Bush a great President is he forces Hart's kind of analysis. Bush redefines politics. He is transformational if you want a big word for it. He's a guy with decent principles and politician enough to make things happen.

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